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This section of the Women's Health web site has information on issues related to parenting. It is dedicated to making your parenting experience more rewarding, fun, and effective!

Positive Parenting
Caring for Your Child
Parenting (ISU Extension to Families)
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Parents Action for Children
Early Childhood Iowa

Fun Things to Do
Homemade Craft Recipes
Fun Stuff for Kids
Physical Activity

Adoption and Foster Care
Administration for Children and Families
National Adoption Center
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

Adopting a Child with Special Needs
Single Parent Adoption
Medical Issues in Adoption

Emotional or Behavioral Disturbances
National Institute on Mental Health
Mental Health Matters

National Fatherhood Initiative
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

Feeding your newborn
Infant Formula

Monster Nutrition
Bodywise Handbook
USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Why Milk Matters Now for Children and Teens
Helping Your Overweight Child

Special Needs
Child Health Specialty Clinics 


Getting School Ready in Iowa
A guide for families and early care, health, and education providers caring for children who will be attending kindergarten in Iowa.

Preschool and Kindergarten Ahead
For children who have been introduced to a few basic skills and who can get along well with others are better prepared to have a positive school experience.

Adventures in Parenting
This booklet offers strategies on parenting that are based on scientific research that can be used by parents and guardians of children of any age. It also includes stories of how some parents have incorporated these strategies into their day-to-day parenting, as well as insights from parenting experts.

Keeping Youth Drug Free
Provides statistics about adolescent substance use and advice for parents about how to keep their children drug-free. Includes tips on good communication, drug facts, action steps for limit-setting and consequences, as well as case studies. Resource guide.

Parenting publications available from Iowa State University Extension on parenting. Topics include (but are not limited to): Living with Your Teenager, Human Lice, and a Child Care Checklist for Parents. Series publications are also available on infants, toddlers, preschoolers, understanding children, and parenting.

Phone Resources
Iowa Healthy Families Line - 1-800-369-2229
Teen Line – 1-800-443-8336 (Teen)

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